My garage door opener failed on my newly purchased home, trapping my car in the garage. I called First American and established a claim. I was told that I would receive a call from the contractor within 48 hours just to set up an appointment. I requested to call my own provider and seek reimbursement but could not get through and waited for 30 minutes on hold. I did receive that call eventually just under the 48 hour mark. I could not wait the 48 hours. I called another service technician and arrived within the hour and had my car out and ready to go to work and fixed the issues.

I have not submitted my claim and First American has denied because I did not wait the 48 hours to schedule the appointment (which means this would not have been fixed for at least 3 days with my car trapped in the garage). I have used other home warranty companies and this is by far the worst service that I have ever received. I would encourage home buyers not to use this Company and real estate agents not to recommend this Company.

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