On a Friday morning, late October, our heat went out. We promptly called and filed a claim with First American. They said that their contractor would call us within 2 business days. Ok, first off… 2 business days when you have no heat? They did give us the contractor's name and number to call if we wanted to try to get them over sooner. We placed that call, and received a "Yeah, hello?" I said "Is this Tharp's?"…"Yeah, who's this?" I don't think this is professional, but I need heat so I continue. They come out late that day, and after diagnosing say that the unit could be repaired for about $1200. However, from their experience, First American would rather replace because it's an older unit and they want you to renew your plan, and not keep coming out here for repairs. They don't make money when they have to repair stuff regularly.

He says he's calling them right away, because they are on the West Coast, and they should give him an answer on whether they are repairing or replacing by that night. No news. We call the contractor the next day, after sleeping in 38 degree weather with no heat, and have 4 small children. Says he still hasn't received an approval from them. I call First American, and they say "we need your approval to pay the contractor $700 in modifications." WHAT??? That is the total labor to put an HVAC system in, not the minor modifications to fit a new until in there. So we ask them if we could get another one of their vendors out because maybe their modifications won't be so expensive.

First American says "No. That is not how we do things. You can call someone else, and we'll review their quote, but we will not be sending anyone else out to you." They went on to say "you will need to let us know pretty quickly because our purchasing department will be closing for the weekend, and then we will close out your claim." CLOSE MY CLAIM because I don't approve $700 in uncovered modifications immediately? Well, I called the HVAC contractor back and he said that yes, it was standard work, and normally it's covered, but First American told him that we had a very low end plan from them, and that it didn't even cover disposal! What? So, I call First American back.

I'm told by them "that's not true, you have one of our best plans, but we don't cover modifications." All of it seems so fishy to me. The HVAC contractor then tells me that they never return his phone calls and he has issues all the time. He also says to me "you need to get me that approval by noon, or I'm going to be totally booked up until the end of next week. I'm a small contractor, and only have another guy working with me." So, very upset, but obviously needing heat, I approve on Saturday on time.

After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting… And following up with no answers, the HVAC contractor texts me that the unit is in, but there are issues. First American ordered a Goodman unit to replace our Trane. He said "I refuse to put in that junk. I specifically gave the unit to order to First American, I have no idea why this was ordered." Second problem was that the unit for our home was in will call in a town over 2 hours away! So, the HVAC guy wasn't driving 4 hours round trip to get it. Not sure how a unit for us ended up in a really small town 2 hours away, but it did. And the wrong unit to boot.

So, after 2 Facebook Messages, a call to their sales rep in the area (who markets to realty offices where we work), they ordered another unit and it was ready today. But, now the contractor is all booked up and can't come until maybe Monday. So, we'll have been waiting 11 days or more for heat. Tonight will be 40 degrees. Tomorrow 32, and the next 3 days in the low 30's at night. We have 4 young children, and pets. First American says "sorry, we know how it is to not have heat. We will reimburse you for a space heater." A fire hazard for my family of 6 to huddle around to sleep for the next 5 days? We've already waited over a week for their errors, and that was it. "Sorry, we have ordered the new unit. We can't make the contractor have time to put it in."

In my mind, their ad is to buy this plan for peace of mind? All we got was the run around, overcharged, forced to go with one vendor, and pay their price, and then made to wait well over a week… And yet as of today the HVAC contractor stopped returning my calls. How convenient. Maybe we'll never get heat with this crappy plan and company.

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