Seller for my house paid most of the coverage but I had to pay a part. Immediately had to file two claims. The first contractor was incredibly late, did not call to notify me of this problem and then didn't resolve the problem when they were there and then made the situation worse by their work. This was on a Friday. Tried to call FA all day Monday – they were always listing as "high call volume" and even when you get through, the reps are offshore and can't really understand basic English so they can't resolve the problem. After contacting the realtor who suggested the warranty, I got in contact with the local US based sales rep and worked with the local customer service rep in the US and they were terrible. Finally got the problem solved after 5 days but had to deal with the issue all of that time.

The second issue was pretty much the same. A horrible local contractor who was essentially sub-literate and he actually started arguing with me. Also, when I tried to call customer service at FA again on a Wed. Morning (NOT the beginning of the week when they are most likely busiest), I got the same old high call volume and can't even reach anyone. Just the same old loop. This company is horrible on every level. I got stuck with them by my seller. I will rail against them every time I have the opportunity. I am at my wits end with them.

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