This company sent me a preapproved letter in the mail and I applied for a credit card. I was approved for the card with a 175.00 processing fee. I went online and paid the bill but I didn't see it post to my account. The bill due date have arrived so in fear of any late penalties I decided to call in and make a payment. The next day I seen two charges for 175.00 in my checking account so I contacted my bank to stop payment on one of the checks. I also went online to check my First Premier Bank credit card and it said I owe 175.00 plus late fee which came up 202.00. I then contacted the First Premier Bank and explain to them what happened. I was told "It will set off red flags if I cancelled either check" but at this point I had already cancelled one of them. The next thing I know they closed my account.

After two weeks of trying to get this situation resolved with them I decided to cancel the First Premier Bank credit card and ask for a full refund of my money. Now I'm waiting to get the money refunded back to my account. The first banker told me 60 days and the second told me 7 to 14 business days. First Premier Bank credit cards suck. Please, please, please save yourself the headache.

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