I ordered flowers by phone after looking online. These people pretended to take my order. Their broken English had to be corrected in the gift card read back. They said they would deliver and charged my credit card a massive amount. Then, they did NOT deliver, and when I called back numerous times, they put me on hold to a bogus customer service voicemail that left me on hold for a long while then disconnected me. I called back several times until I finally said 'how long must I be on hold!" Their flippant answer was 'Forever!" Then, he laughed spitefully. They sent me a gift coupon to use next time, but they never ever delivered the flowers the first time. They are frauds and crooks who take advantage of people. Sad. Defended to send flowers of comfort or joy to others— oddities on the Internet of the worse kind.

They should be shut down. Do not fall for their scams. I had to file a dispute with my bank to get a refund on my card. They are some east coast outfit with people who barely speak English, sitting in some cubical on a phone, taking your money and not caring that they are lying or scamming the public. Beware!

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