Today I went online to to order my sick mother some Get Well Soon flowers. I found the perfect looking bouquet which was listed for $26.99 on the website. Upon checkout, I saw that my total was $26.99, however, after I hit submit to authorize the charge and get these flowers on their way to my sick mother, the total charge suddenly jumped up to $71.23! I was shocked! I called customer service immediately to cancel the order. A man answered the phone almost immediately when I chose the option to inquire about an order that was already placed (versus the option to place a new order). When I said I wanted to cancel my order, he placed me on hold to be transferred to the "cancellation department".

I waited on hold for 5 minutes then transferred to an answering machine that wanted to collect my name, order #, and phone number. This was not going to work for me since the flowers were same day delivery and I wanted to catch the order before it went too far in the process. So I called back, asked for a supervisor and again went to that answering machine after holding for 5 minutes. Why their "cancellation department" hold time is so high was now clear to me. Horrible customer service and inaccurate pricing. Now I am going to have to call my bank and claim the charge to my card as fraud, which has now taken about one hour out of my day. To think it all started with wanting to make my mother smile while she is going through a difficult time. I will never use in the future and I will not be recommending them to anyone else.

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