It is very sad getting to know that my bank of years cannot assist me in this current fraud. I have been defrauded of R4500 and for the large amount that went off from my account I did not receive any notifications from FNB. I have since opened a police case, FNB case and submitted affidavit and details of what transpired but my supposed “Fraud handler” from FNB Digital Banking Shannon Naidoo seems not to be phased or in any hurry to solve the problem as he does not communicate or take my calls. I battke to get a hold of him, I leave numerous voice messages on the number on his signature but nothing back. After reading some reviews on FNB (the bank I praised dearly) I have realised that I am not White neither am I Indian thats why I am treated like a criminal more than the victim. I am not one that harps on racism as I know we should all be past this by now but how else can I explain this. Two of my colleagues (white by the way) received their money back in 24 hours…. If anyone has any info on who is the highest person I can approach to complain to, please do share details as this is upsetting and I am failing to go for surgery because part of the money was taken from my account.

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