On 11/5/15, I purchased a package of the pre-made cold BBQ ribs at the deli section at a Fuquay Varina, NC location. When my family finally sat down to eat that night after a long day, we were happy about the delicious looking ribs. When I took a bite, to my horror I found a strange looking elasticity tube in my mouth. After spitting it out I realized it was some kind of artery from the animal. I was so disgusted that I picked up my plate and threw it away! The rest of the family experienced the same thing and were all horrified. I understand that it comes from animals but in my 40 years, I have never had something that gross. I ended up throwing up from thinking about it and we had to throw away $10 worth of ribs! Even right now thinking about it is turning my stomach. I've never been so disappointed in an item from your store.

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