I've been taking Force Factor for a bit longer than 5 years. It doesn't work after about 1.5 years like it should but if you take a week off then a week on sometimes you'll get more done. Bottom line, it's expensive and has a large spectrum of side effects. The main ingredient is "NO2 EXPLOSION…" Really? Why should anyone trust that, why not nitric acid? I kinda regret taking this product because of dependence or elce side effects will show up as follows; inner ear problems, vertigo, joint problems like carpal tunnel, stomach problems and the fun one when you first start a high dose then stop.

Think you're emotionally tough? You won't be at all after you stop taking this stuff. It want you to be a lil girl without it. Regardless if you had to take this for whatever personal reasons be sure not to overdo it. Go slow, take days/weeks off and always tell your doctors! This review probably won't get posted and if it does it won't be up for long. If you look online for side effects there's nothing there and Force Factor has the money to make anything bad toward their name go away before long. Be safe and always check with your doctors before starting or stopping..

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