Dear Mark Fields,
My name is Elizabeth Kate Robson, I have been leasing from Ford since at about 1996. I started with a ford tempo that was a gift from a friend and then turned that in and started the leasing program ever since then in 2013 went to basil ford in Cheektowaga NY and leased two vehicles a Kodak brown Ford Escape and a silver ford focus (for my 18 year old daughter).in the past year I have gotten a job in Cortland NY and I have been using Dovi motors in Cortland as my go to Ford dealer for recalls ect.in august I when in to talk to them about turn in my escape they were very hesitate about it because it is a 2 wheel drive. I really didnâЂ™t understand it; Jesse Dovi told me itâЂ™s hard to sell a 2 wheel drive in central NY. ThatâЂ™s weird to me because I bought it in Buffalo NY, which i think the weathers a little worse in Buffalo then in CNY. So just figured I would wait until my lease was up and take care of it then.in the meanwhile, on Tuesday Nov 3rd, 2015 I was drive to work when my oil light came on. I parked it at work and called a friend to see about an oil change. They couldn't do it until the weekend so I drove my escape home from work that night drove it to work the next day and called about an oil change on my lunch to Monroe muffler. When i got there they noticed that I had "blow back"- oil on the under carriage of my car. They told me that they would not work on it for me and that I should take it to the dealer. So I drove it over to Dovi motors where i proceed to tell the service department about what Monroe told me. The person behind the counter said they would take care of my escape it just would a bit before they could get to my escape. I asked if they had a shuttle and they do not but they could get me ride to where I need to go. I said great. From what i know now the gentlemen that came over was the detail employee. The service person gave the detail guy the keys to my car and the detail guy got into my driverâЂ™s side and started driving me home. I asked a lot of question to this kid on our way to my house like why are we driving my car? I think thereâЂ™s something wrong with my escape. As we were driving I wanted to know why the engine started sounding so loud he said itâЂ™s because of the air intake, and lubrication if there not a lot of oil in it. Well after the detail guy dropped me off (remember I WAS NOT IN THE CAR) my escape broke down and had to be towed to Dovi. I got a call at work and I was told by the service person that I need a new motor. I was floored… Why why why. After that i called Jesse Dovi after telling him what had happened he said âЂњwell that wasnâЂ™t wise of us to drive your car" also said âЂњi better train the guys better". Then told me that i was totally wrong because as soon as the oil light comes on you are to park it and have it towed to a ford dealer. Well that is weird since his "FORD employee" that drove my car with the light on and the "blow backâЂќ I told them about. I asked about them covering it on their garage liability insurance they said absolutely not because this was my fault… I was not driving the car when this happen it is the dealerships liability if they have my car and obviously they did. I have talked to many people and there is not one person that believes this is my responsibility. If you as the CEO cannot fix this problem you have lost a loyal customer that has been with you since 1988… Plus word of mouth about how ford has treated me for the fact I have called to customer care three times with just a âЂњsorry we cannot help you". I am a single mom who works 13 hour days to pay for our cars and the insurance that goes along with a lease in NY State. I wanted something reliable for my daughter that at the time was a new driver and I thought ford would take care of us and if you have any kids I would hope that you feel the same way. I am so disappointed in the fact that loyalty to your company means nothing… I will keep on social media until I get something from you Mark Fields.
From a very disgusted ford owner,

Elizabeth Kate Robson

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