As a "Ford family"… Thought this would be our best and last vehicle. Couldn't afford new but this was the next best thing, reasonable mileage and good looking. Bought (for an extra $1400) a bumper to bumper extended warranty on everything but cosmetic, the salesman said. So we're set… For 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Didn't have much use of it the first month. It was in their shop because of a roof leak somehow into the rear compartment, soaked carpet, and filled the spare tire hole under the black carpet, which we only found due to the tremendous mildew/musty smell.

Then there was a return trip for them to replace the driver's side entire door panel because the car was beautiful except the torn open arm rest/door pull on this panel, with foam rubber sticking out. The dealer wouldn't replace but agreed to, if we would buy the panel. Currently (and unfortunately too late), I have found complaint references online about both of these "defects" in the Explorer.

Saving the best for last, we waited for months for the dealer to get a Recall part in, for a known problem with the mechanical door handle, the part came in and we made the repair appointment because the rear camera and climate control, and menu screen, mounted in the dash, had just started a very loud clacking noise when car was turned on and also off. We got in both our vehicles to drive there, but when I started the Explorer, me… A person with COPD… Had to literally jump out due to noxious fumes filling the car.

Which brings me to… They will not fix the exhaust problem unless we give them $700. So, you are wondering what about our bumper to bumper warranty? A brief phone explanation about that has something to do with cosmetic parts need to be removed to get to the problem area… And cosmetics are not covered! WTF??? This is doubletalk for 'screw the public'. The car is still at the dealer and we are going back to get more face to face info on that issue. Overnight, however, we have found multiple articles and complaints on the dangerous exhaust issue which seems to be in 2011,2012, 2013 and 2014 Explorers that Ford is ignoring. Before you buy anything, research complaints about it on the internet!!

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