I got my 2011 Focus Certified Pre-Owned. It shudders and RPMs drop dangerously low while stopped so much that the car has stalled twice now. Luckily it starts right back up but I am always very nervous it won't. Spoke to my dealership that sold it to me and they said it's a common issue. The Automator goes out. It's a manual transmission apparently with an Automator on it to shift through the gears. I've gotten a trans flush to no avail.

Also, the car jerks when accelerating. I feel as if it might be the gears slipping. Happens more when it's wet outside and more frequently when I am on the highway. Speaking of wet, the tires spin when the ground is wet, and when there's snow. No traction at all! I have brand new all-season tires and they do nothing for me! I thought Ford would have sorted out all their issues. It's amazing: my 95 civic with 225000 miles never had any issues for the 60000 miles I put on it. I want it back: (.

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