I just traded my 2013 Edge to get the new and improved 2015 Edge… Have the EcoBoost 4 cylinder in both and the 2015 improvement on the motor is great but the rest I am not impressed. It came with the cheap mats Ford installs and so I ordered the all weather mats for another 95.00 only to find the driver mat doesn't even go up under the pedals where most of the crud falls off… Whats up with that Ford. I sure some DS blamed his accident on a pedal catching on the mat.

Next the driver seat is terrible uncomfortable with the seat portion bolster way higher than the seat so I carry my weight on the outside of my thighs. I am not a huge guy at 5-9 190 either… Other complaint is they shrunk the controls behind the steering wheel and I find them more difficult to use. They are quieter inside but overall I wish I had my trade money back and still driving my 2013 Edge… Not really any improvement overall in my book. I will be looking for something else in a couple years for sure.

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