I've had 2 vehicles now that have had this problem, 2014 Escape & my new 2015 Explorer. With both vehicles the leather gets a dark color on the seat backs not the seats themselves. I've been told numerous times Ford warranty won't cover it because they don't classify this as a defect. They tell me it's a fabric transfer. How can it be a fabric transfer when I wear white most of the time because I live in Florida? So today I get a reply from Pauline in the Ford customer service department stating Ford will not do anything to fix this problem. I know I'm not the only Ford owner with this problem. So I've invested $200 on specially made seat covers for the explorer because of the airbags.

Needless to say this is my last investment in a Ford product. I'm just plain tired of arguing with a brick wall. The dealership had one of their people put shoe polish on as a temporary fix. REALLY!?! I'd like to hear if any other Ford owners have had this same problem. Feel free to email me:. I know I'm not crazy, that this is a problem Ford just doesn't want to fix. Everything else is great with the vehicle, performance & handling are everything I expected. It's a great vehicle except for this stone color leather interior.

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