So I bought my 2013 Ford Focus from Serramonte Ford in Daly City back in April 2015. The car was used and had about 43,000 miles. When I test drove it the salesman told me the jolting was part of this "cool new design" for the automatic transmission. I thought it was whatever so I got the car because it was on sale for the weekend. After about a month, I started feeling the jolts and the sputtering and it just didn't feel right to me. The car should still be new, technically. Back in September I received a notice for a recall so I needed to take it in for a software update. Then they let me know that I needed to get the clutch changed. So I got it changed and literally 20 minutes after picking it up from being FIXED, my transmission goes out! I really don't like this new update. It's a piece of!

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