Took my 2012 Focus back to dealer at the end of 2013. I was done with the repairs (2nd clutch needed) and the awful and dangerous driving experiences. Stupidly, I allowed the young man tell me that the transmission issues were fixed in the 2014 model, so I took a loss and got into a 2014 for 50 bucks a month more (all together now… Sucker!!!). So now owning the 2014, I've had to get an a/c repair (that still isn't fixed well) and two weeks ago after dealing with the shutter problem for a couple months and finding out there was a service bulletin on it, voila! A new clutch assembly is put in. Well now I know the rest of the story… A call to corporate got me a buyback inquiry, can't wait to see how this does. Hopeful that Ford is beginning to see a problem here and attorneys in line.

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