Buyer beware!!! Scams abound. You may get the lowest price but they will figure out how to hit you afterwards. 1 month after renting, I received a "toll fine" notice complete with dates and times where I was never in the area. When I requested the official toll notice from the proper authority showing the picture of the vehicle at these alleged toll stops, of course they said they could not provide them. On top of that, these unethical people try to charge you $15 per fine in addition to the 70 cent toll. So when you add up all these false toll fines that they offer no proof of actually happening, the bill for me ended up being $270 for $13 of fake toll fines. What a scam but what else would I expect from a business out of South Florida? Ironically, the credit card I used for the car had its number stolen and used while I was in South Florida. Coincidence? Stay away from this scam business and pay a little more for a legitimate car rental agency.

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