Hi everybody, just sharing my horrible experience with Fox Rent A Car in Baja California in November. First of all we arrived in La Paz with our reservation for a car in the medium category. We had already paid 1300 pesos on the website and thought that was almost all we will had to pay because nothing was detailed on the website (except the young driver additional price 1600 pesos). But when we arrived in the "office" of Fox they started telling us that we will have an economic car (very small) because according to them it was the same category as medium. Thanks to a lot of discussion we finally ended to get the car we wanted (and paid for) but the women told us that she was making us a favor… Then she started to talk to us about the insurance.

At final we ended up to pay 8000 pesos more between the insurance and apparently the car as well (because according to them the thing we paid was like the commission… So when we left the office with our car we had paid almost 9000 pesos, so basically 560$: (And then we had during the trip, we had an accident but fortunately we were obliged to pay the insurance so we didn't had to buy a new car. However we still had to pay the truck that help us join the city again (5800 pesos).in total we paid 14151 pesos for 10 days and the service. Help and everything from Fox was crap!!! I highly recommend you to find another company to rent your car!

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