Fpl sucks!!! They robbed me!!! I am a single mother struggling to pay my daughter's college tuition and maintain on a small salary, how dare they rob me like this!!! A damn shame how you treat your customers.

On or around April 3,2015, someone submitted a application for new service, but they submitted my address instead of their new address. FPL sent me an email asking me to verify the information. I contacted them and advised that I am not moving and that I do not need "new" service, I have had service since 2012. Do you know what FPL did.instead of those bastards contacting the person who submitted the incorrect information, they closed my account, reopened it and billed me for a new deposit stating that they have to close out my existing account in open a new one, mind now I still have the same account number I have always had. WTH!!! I have paid 2 deposits for the same damn account. Now I am behind on my bill. I can't catch up!!! My bill runs on a average of $65 monthly. It shout up to over $200 in less then a month and has been running high ever since.

I don't have money to be throwing away like that. I need my account credited the extra deposit I was forced to pay1

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