Their web site advertises an invitation for "free" monthly services and entices you to enter by buying a reconditioned (used) phone (overpriced). I purchased it while regarding this as a "relatively" fair price in exchange for "free" monthly cellphone services, then the arrow to click appears, where the viewer is AGAIN enticed to proceed further for the "free" monthly services. Long story short, I complete the invitation, get the phone, check my email for information on turning on the device only to they are billing me a monthly fee for premium services and a monthly fee for a "warranty" service on the used phone they sent. I looked for their free services in their list of monthly options and found nothing on the list. Someone said I'll have to look harder they hide it. Well, if you have been caught up in this scam, please write to the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and also file a complaint with the State Attorney's Office in your state. These people are ripping you off as well as others, and this is bait and switch. That is what it is. I immediately deactivated the charges as well as the device, and I bet you I'll see a bunch of charges still on my next credit card statement. What I find really the most offensive about this company is that they advertise themselves as having a "philosophy" that regular carriers are charging too much. Apparently, their real philosophy is that they resent that the well-known service providers are legitimate (albeit charging too much). Freedompop is preying on people who get suckered into their so-called "philosophy" which is a scam, with their bait-and-switch web site. I'm so livid I will break open a bottle of champagne if they end up getting shut down. Shady f****ers.

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