Frigidaire Model LGHN2844MFO – We purchased this refrigerator on 08-15-2011. To date we have had the evaporator fan motor replaced 3 times and the "board switch", read motherboard, replaced once. The last time I replaced the evaporator fan motor myself, so I did not have to wait 3 or 4 days for a repairman, as there are not enough in our area. Although that is not completely true, manufacturers do not seem to have pride in the products they make anymore so they break down more frequently. Our old Frigidaire lasted 20 years with zero service calls!

Dealing with the Lowes Extended Warranty people was a major headache, and they never called back although they promised to. The service techs were courteous when they were finally able to come out. When I called them and told them the display on the door was flashing "EF", which I found out indicated an evaporator fan problem, I was told that that didn't matter a technician would still have to come out and diagnose the problem. I asked them to please bring a fan motor with them and was told that was not possible. The technician came out, found the EF was indeed broken then ordered one to be delivered to my house. This took a few more days. All in all not happy at all with Frigidaire.

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