Frigidaire Model Number LGEF3045KFH – We purchased Frigidaire products after remodeling our kitchen. We bought all stainless steel products from the Frigidaire Gallery Collection (refrigerator, microwave, electric range, dishwasher). We started to have problems in January, 2015. We turned the oven on to 350 and waited nearly 30 minutes and the oven never registered to 350. I called Frigidaire and Lowe's since Frigidaire indicated that because I didn't get the extended warranty and it was over a year, they couldn't do anything for us. I called Coastal Appliance Repair and they had to replace the control board fault on the oven. The cost was $175.00. The repairman showed us where the wires were fried.

My argument with both Frigidaire and Lowe's was that this should not have happened to begin with even though we didn't purchase the extended warranty. A couple of months later we smelled a chemical or electrical odor anytime we turned the oven on. I called the Coastal Appliance Repair Co. And asked them what it could be since they just replaced the board. He said it probably was grease on one of the elements. It seemed to go away, but then it came back with a vengeance. Yesterday we turned the oven on to 425 and the odor was so bad we had to open the windows.

That's when we called Frigidaire and explained that we think we purchased a lemon. For two major incidents to occur in such a short time period, seemed unreal. Again it was the same argument; we should have purchased an extended warranty. Frigidaire did offer us a 2 yr. Contract for $340! If we bought it, they would send their repairman out and if it needed replacement, they would replace it. So my husband and I purchased a brand new GE oven because we didn't want to sink $515 into the present one.

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