Before I begin, I would like to start by saying that I want this complaint forwarded to every single supervisor, manager, team lead, customer service manager, and anyone else who may be in some sort of position of management at your company. Yesterday, November 5th I learned that my close friend's father had died. She and her husband are stationed in Washington state, so I wanted to send her flowers in time before she left to New Hampshire, where her father lived. I made my order and was on my way.

I learned that night that the flowers I ordered were never delivered. The flowers that I had paid for expedited shipping for AND same day delivery. This is where I should have realized what a ridiculous, poorly run company you have. I called immediately and was helped by a very pleasant girl named Amber who said she would refund the same day delivery and expedited shipping fees, and that my order would arrive early the next day. No harm, no foul, correct? Wrong.

Today, about 10 minutes ago I received a call from your company, again I received the call FROM YOU. A woman named Sheri called wanting to speak regarding the order. She wanted to speak to my fiance, whose card was used to purchase the flowers. I said that he was working, and I was the one who made the order, and I could verify the card number, billing, and shipping addresses for her.

She said no and began to get an attitude with me because I had the audacity to want to speak about an order I MADE. And she said she would need to speak to my fiance, who works 12 hours every single day with one day off a week and who doesn't even have time to call ME while at work because he's busy making money so we can both live comfortably AND fund a wedding in one of the most expensive places to live all on our own. Sheri seems to have forgotten that SHE called ME, and I provided EVERY SINGLE bit of information she asked!

So, fine, I call my fiance, completely upset (and I'm assuming that my friend STILL hasn't gotten the sympathy flowers), and he now has to take time out of his VERY busy day to call your ridiculous company, find out that the flowers haven't been delivered, and then take time to cancel the order. He was told that a full refund would be back in his account in 3 business days, and that I would receive a $20 gift card in my email from your company.

I have two things to say about your company's resolution: 1. If there is not a full refund back in our account within 3 business days, we will be issuing a charge-back on the card. 2. Please take that $20 gift card and shove it so far up your own that you can taste it.

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