I'll admit that you get what you pay for but this was ridiculous. I ordered sunflowers for a funeral. A young woman had lost her father and I wanted something cheerful for her, specifically, sunflowers. I spoke with a woman on the phone after looking online. The arrangement I wanted I was advised against because she said the flowers were freeze dried and had to be reconstituted. I went with her suggestion of another sunflower arrangement that was supposed to be fresh when delivered.

I paid $43 for a 9" vase of dried up sunflowers and some prominently displayed cheap yellow daisy like flowers with some very odd greenery. It was NOTHING like the picture.in fact, it was downright embarrassing. I could have gone to Kroger and made a much prettier arrangement myself for less than half the price. I have not contacted the company and probably won't. I will just take it as a lesson learned but I do feel compelled to write this review so that other people will not fall for the 'less expensive' hype. Seriously, that was the ugliest flower arrangement I have ever sent!

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