Paid for next day shipping and delivery of a flower arrangement. Website obviously allowed me to go through with my selection and I was charged accordingly. Was guaranteed 6pm delivery on Sunday. Only to find out that they weren't going to ship them out until Tuesday, faulting me that I didn't pay an additional $2.99. Never mind that the website is supposed to charge me. Called them and the lady was apologetic, offered me a discount and guaranteed delivery by Monday 12 noon. Monday 2pm came and left and I was livid. Called again and was told that the florist didn't have the exact flowers I wanted and they were looking for one that did.

How about a call to your customer in advance, if you say you value them so much? The lady told me things like "My desk is overrun with orders", "I don't have time to check on yours every 5 minutes". My reponse: No one asked you to. I paid for a service and want such followed through on and not given empty promises. My first and last time using them. If anyone is in need of a $15 off coupon that I got as a "maybe you want to try us again, but you probably hate us by now", let me know. I will not do business with them again.

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