We will never fly Frontier again. My husband was traveling with a one year old, arrived at the airport, only to find that his flight was on a two hour delay because of mechanical difficulties. The Frontier representatives continually changed the arrival time, and finally, after 4 hours of waiting, cancelled the flight altogether. He was told to book a flight for the next day, same time, different plane. No other option. His parents had to drive two hours to the Cleveland airport to get him and then two hours back home. He missed a day of work and will have an attendance infraction.

Next day: they drive two hours back to the airport. Frontier's website says there is a slight delay, but when they get to the desk they are told it is actually a five hour delay due to mechanical difficulties. My husband HAS TO get home or he will lose his job. He has no choice but to wait in the airport with a one year old for 6 MORE HOURS. This entire time, I've been waiting to pick them up when they arrive at the Denver Airport, but by day two, 6 hours in, I have to go back to work. So my husband will have to rent a car if he ever gets to Denver… Another hundred bucks down the drain. So, after gas money for multiple trips to the airport, two days of lost wages, possibly losing a job, 12 hours waiting in an airport with a one year old, and 100 dollars spent on a rental, it is decidedly NOT WORTH IT. Do not fly frontier.

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