If you don't want to give them your ss number it can take up to 4 weeks to process a request, not 3-5 business days. I called customer service 2x and they could not assist. But they had no problem taking my money out of my account over a week ago. I DID have my info notarized at the bank with my driver's license and other forms of ID. I still had to send them a copy of my id's. Rethinking my decision, there is a thing called Melissa Data where you can verify owner of the property. Most frustrating experience ever. Still no phone call. Has been 3 business days when they said it would be 24 hours to return my call. Ps. I have been living at the same address for 30 years. It is crazy that everyone wants your SS number, it should be against the law. Last time I checked if someone doesn't pay their bill you can just shut them off.

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