Ok went online, order Frontier internet and DirecTV. Someone from Frontier came to my house unannounced to me and cut my underground phone line and ran one thought the tree. When I called and asked why they had no clue. Ok so then the modem show up in the mail – great. I take out of box, doesn't work. They said there is no connection. Ok. I go outside and fix the connection because their tech didn't even connect wires, so that's fixed. Try to plug in modem, don't work, call tech line and they kept me on the phone for 2 hr. Still don't work, I cancelled service. Then DirecTV comes out, tech check signal, digs hole, puts pole in, sets up dish, digs trench, runs wires, goes back to pole and finds he has no signal. Tech tells me he can't put DirecTV in because trees in the way. Oh did I mention I told the afternoon for from work for this?

Called Frontier back. They tell me they don't use DirecTV. They use Dish. Ok send them out. Tech comes out, all's good, hooked up and working. 44 days later it's raining, roof leaks onto ceiling. Go up on roof, seal around dish, replace ceiling, get a bill from Frontier for 193.70. Call them back up, spend 1 1/2 on phone. They said they fixed it. 30 days later get a bill for same thing. Call Frontier again, spend 1 hr on phone for a supervisor name Chris (lady) only to tell to pay my bill and I would not have to be on phone for 1 hr. I have since got estimate to replace underground wires and of course I had roof and ceiling fixed. I have that bill too.

I called Dish to cancel service and they gave me a hard time and would not cancel. Sorry but right now my beef is with Frontier. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I will post bad feedback on social media. Also I'm making a sign to put on my front lawn and one to put on the counter at the local car dealership that I'm the service manager of. I hope people check reviews. I know I will from now on.

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