We had this service for years – poor internet and phone lines with static all the time. We recently moved and I cancelled service on September 11th. I received a billing showing I had a credit and when I called, was told two weeks I would have the check/refund. It is now over two months. Today a "supervisor" told me that it takes THREE MONTHS to refund my money. I am sure this is happening to many others as well.

They sit on our money, make interest but don't pay us interest for holding onto our money! This company needs to be made to understand that they are ripping off people by holding their money. I am sorry I paid my bills on time with them. Should have never paid the last statement!!! Lesson Learned. Avoid this company at all costs! They lie to you to appease you then screw you by holding onto your money for months. I have filed a complaint with the attorney general today. These people that work in the office and claim they are managers are nothing short of corporate puppets.

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