I have been using Frontline for the last 6-8 months. My cockapoo has skin allergies, so I thought that this is why he chewed a 5" bald spot on his back. He's done it before. Took him to get groomed today, and the vet called to say he has one of the worst flea infestations she has seen. Huh??? But I am using Frontline. Silence from the vet, then she said, "Frontline is the problem." What? Apparently, Frontline can become ineffective? How can this be? My vet has quit selling it at their office because of the issues they have seen. I just wish I had known about this sooner.

Now I have to strip my house clean for probably the next 3 weeks according to the vet. Daily vacuuming of all surfaces, crevices, etc. Since you can kill the fleas, but not the eggs. On top of this is the money I have spent, on something that doesn't work. Plus, I have to pay for an unscheduled vet visit, and pay for the shot of whatever they are giving him to help with the fleas. I'm beyond ticked off. The makers of Frontline should be ashamed. I want a refund!

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