Frontpoint device was very difficult to install. We were not able to set it up. We only put it on the wall, but we couldn't attach it. The devices they gave us to put at the windows were not user-friendly. I talked to the team at Frontpoint and they were able to answer my questions. They said they were going to send some items and they did but we didn't install those again. We couldn't set up all over since it was very difficult to do so, but we're still using it.

I've tried using their interactive features, but not through the smartphone. I tried to download the app and then do it, but we're doing it manually at home since we're always there at home. We're still using Frontpoint, but only minimally. If I had another opportunity, I would definitely go for other services because I didn't like to attach those things to the doors. The sensors they gave us would keep falling. It's not a good set-up.

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