I went to get gas st frys on first and grant in Tucson on 11/14. I pulled up to the pump just as my phone rang, it was my mom. Well, I haven't heard from her in a while and soon was involved in a lively discussion with her for ten minutes. After her call I got in my vehicle without pumping the ten bucks in gas I purchased. I drove away and very soon realized I forgot to pump my gas and went back to the station and told the woman working there what happened. She looked at me like I was stupid and told me I was a scamming dumb ass. I don't need some underpaid worker telling me I'm a dumbass. I explained I made a mistake and again she called me a scammer and actually told me to never come to that station again. I spend hundreds of dollars a month at this Frys and I couldn't believe what she was telling. After a few attempts to get this worked out she still did not believe me, called me a scammer again, and made me pay another ten bucks for gas. I felt bad about myself because if this awful women. She had no customer skills at all and insulted on top of it. I'm appalled someone like this works dealing with customers. I'm out ten bucks because of a misguided workers ignorance. She is an old woman with glasses and heavy make up. I need to refunded the extra ten bucks I spent because of her.

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