I placed an order on Gamestop.com recently hoping to use my PowerUp Reward points to get a GS Exclusive variant comic bundle. A few days after placing the order on 11/7 I received a notification stating that my items had been shipped as of 11/10, but when I followed the links to the tracking information I found that no tracking information was available for my order. I called UPS only to be told that I should contact the shipper, Gamestop.

As of 11/14 I've sent 2 emails detailing my issue, though I have yet to hear anything back, and I've called twice, only to get disconnected after waiting one hour for a customer service rep. I'm actually on the phone right now waiting for a rep (it's been over 37 minutes with no end in sight). This is absolutely ridiculous this day and age. "Higher than normal call volume" or not, in 2015 making valued customers wait over an hour for help and not having a call-back feature (which almost every online retailer has now) make for a truly awful online customer experience. If this is what I have to look forward to as a GS customer, I'd sooner get all of my games, game merchandise, and Gamestop exclusive merchandise on eBay.

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