I pre ordered black ops three digital deluxe edition online in july but have yet to actually receive the game. I have received the pre order code for the nuketown personalization pack dlc but what good is a dlc code without the game? I've emailed the GameStop customer service email multiple times about my problem but have yet to receive any response. Its been two and a half days since the game came out and I still have yet to receive what I ordered nor have I even gotten a response to my questions on what to do. I tried to cancel my order and just order it again but whenever I go to orders list on their website and click on my order number I get the "oops game over. Our server was unable to process your request. Please try again.
If our server continues to be uncooperative, please send an email to [email protected]" and as I said before emailing the email they give you does nothing. The situation wouldn't be that bad if I actually got a response about my problem from someone working at GameStop but since that hasn't happened there has been nothing for me to do but wait and hope the problem solves itself. Needless to say I will never be buying any digital games from GameStop again.

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