I wanted to purchase an X-Box one elite controller since it was sold out nationwide in all stores. A sales associate told me about the pre-order that they were having for the controller with a charging stand. This particular controller cost $150.00 alone. The pre-order with one day shipping totaled $219.80. I was supposed to ship on release day. When I didn't get any notification I checked online and it was still opened. I waited on hold for over 2 hours finally reaching someone. They told me the item was back ordered and they were trying to find the items to stock the item for customers. I was told it would take a month maybe no guarantee. I asked for a refund and they told me for a virtual gift card it would take 3-5 business days.

After day five I called again waiting only 1 hour. I was told it never got put through and I would get a corporate check to take 7-15 business days. It is day 15 – no check. I'm going to call it lost because I'm disgusted with their online service. The stores and associates are great but their online for a major corporation on this day and age is abysmal to say the least. Buyer Beware when purchasing from their online store.

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