Let me tell you how GameStop lost my business over $43. I placed an order for ten used, rather cheap games. Three of them arrived in an envelope. Three more arrived a week later in their own box, one of them arrived via its own envelope, and two more arrived in its own box. And I am still awaiting the last game, but I'll get to that later. So that's five different packages for what amounts to $43 worth of used, old games. As mentioned, I have only received nine out of my ten games. I placed an order on October 7th, and as of today, November 11th it still isn't here. I have contacted GameStop's customer service via phone and email several times about this issue, and every time I've called it they've said they can't cancel the order, and that it's processing.

Apparently since I used PayPal, two things happened. One was that my order was stuck in limbo for the last charged item somehow (a $5.80 game) which caused to be in the "processing" state forever. And two, my debit card associated with the PayPal account was charged as well because for two charges of $21.82 (equaling the $43.00 total of my order) and my original PayPal was never refunded.

So, I was charged twice for my order and not refunded, because GameStop wasn't aware of it because I assume it was an automated system. I had to call in to customer service to get that second charge reversed, but that's just where the fun really begins. After that, and only receiving nine of my ten games, and one of those nine freezed at the installation (so much for that pre-owned guarantee) I was so unhappy with GameStop that I contacted customer support through email (which took DAYS for them to respond) and shipped back my whole order to return it.

Now, two weeks after sending it back, I finally get a notice from PayPal that I have received a refund from GameStop. Great right? No. The refund was for inexplicably, only $0.62. I called customer service and explained the situation to them and they said don't worry the rest of the refund is processing to your debit card. I have never seen any company take this long to process a refund, what I think actually happened is that my money is just lost forever in the void. I'll probably never get that money refunded to my debit and that final tenth game will never arrive. Yeah, I had to send back all of the games before the final game showed up because it was getting too close to the thirty day return window closing.

I have never been so disgusted with a company in my life. I am getting the runaround from customer service, a $5.80 charge is perpetually "processing" and I'm told I can't cancel the final game being sent to me, and my refund is still processing after a week and a half. I spent hours of my life trying to get a refund for what amounts to less than $50, and probably will have to spend hours more if I want to make any progress on this missing game and refund. So I probably won't ever do business with GameStop again because of this, and let it serve as a warning to anyone who buys used games from GameStop online, especially with PayPal.

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