Okay, so, I went to my local Gamestop about a week ago in order to trade-in my XBox 360, xbox one controller, and Kinect for 360. Upon doing so, I also paid another 45 dollars in order to pay off one of the two copies of Star Wars battlefront for XBox one, as well as preordering Fallout 4 and the season pass. Upon leaving the store I asked the employee if he put the transaction on my rewards account and he answered yes saying, "you don't even need your receipt, we have it all on the computer".

Just today I returned to this gamestop in order to pay more toward my Fallout preorder and when asked for the telephone number, I gave them the one associated with my powerup rewards only to be told I had no preorders. After this, I presented them the receipt and the employee (different employee from the original one) said that the preorder was under a different name and number. A name and number which I had never heard of.

The person had also preordered another game on this account since I had been there originally. It took quite a while to have this switched into my name and though the employee told me he put it in my name, even after I gave him my phone number multiple times and he saw my name on the drivers license i presented him to trade the things in, he put it under some random name and number. A name and number I can only assume he knew.

Had I thrown away the receipt like I was originally told, my $150 would be gone. I called customer care to file a complaint and they put me on hold for over an hour before the line cut out. I feel this employee may have been attempting to steal from me, especially since he blatantly told me that I could throw my receipt away. Terrible customer service.

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