Twice now I was FOOLISH enough to pre-order online months in advance. Twice now – according to my bank statement – GameStop took my money days before a new release. Twice now they FAIL TO SHIP in a timely manner and destroyed my child's birthday present by getting it here in a timely manner. I have a tracking number. Estimated delivery date? 8 DAYS AFTER THE NEW RELEASE WAS RELEASED. How do they intend to deliver? First UPS. Then USPS. At last check it was sitting in a Lexington, KY post office – 60 miles away – 2 days ago. Attempts to e-mail Game Stop are limited to 250 keystrokes… Why even have an email if all you get is 250 keystrokes? Do they respond? NEVER… Can you call them? Sure if you can find the number and have 90 minutes of long distance to stay on hold.

SUPER FOOLISH SERVICE and super tacky service. I ship all the time and I KNOW FOR A FACT you can send items for delivery on a specific day or ship in a manner that it will arrive that day or the next business day. The games will be returned to GameStop for a full refund and I will cross the street and buy it from a major retail store that guarantees I can pick it up within an hour instead of a week late. Never again!

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