I am appalled at I could not cancel an order I placed online directly after it was submitted. I accidentally hit 'place order' and realized what I had done. I quickly found FAQs/Customer Service on their site and it said to please call some number as fast as possible, so that the order could be canceled, because their order process goes through pretty fast. I ordered online at 8:50. I called this number and 'tried' to cancel it at 8:53. The rep took about 45 seconds to verify all of my info, and directly afterwards told me 'unfortunately, I know you were quick and all, but we cannot cancel your order… And here's an alternative… Would you like for me to go ahead with this?' Ummm, I have no other choice now, do I? 3 Minutes. Three. And I was still told I could not cancel my online order.

I am completely disgusted by this ridiculous 'policy' after having shopped at The Gap for over 25-30 yrs. Of course I will 'return to sender' once I receive the shipment, but this entire process and ordeal has infuriated me to the point where I will never visit any of their stores in malls or even online any longer. I'm a big fan of Banana Republic as well and will be canceling my card with them the minute I get into work tomorrow. I actually work for an online business, a well-known University in NYC actually, and even WE have a better process than this. I've never heard of being told to call in as fast as possible to cancel an order, and when I did, in just under 4mins, I'm still told there was nothing they could do. Really? I can't wait to tell everyone I know about this mishap, and am hoping they'll see through clearer eyes like I have, what a joke their online system is.

Sorry guys, but you need to change that FAQ to read "sorry, your order cannot be canceled. Deal with it until you get the shipment and return. Then wait about a week to have the charges reversed."… That sounds about right.

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