Purchased 1st NUVI 2597, recommended by a friend. Got it, registered it, then tried to connect to my computer for free downloads. Would not recognize the USB cable, therefore would not connect to the computer. The Garmin app could not find the device connected. Emailed customer support through their website, which asked for description of the issue, from dropdown menu. Then described in detail what the problem I was experiencing.

Received email back, with link to website, which if they had read the details in the email, would have known been there, done that. So responded with, "Read the entire issue, " and I re-explained the issue. Response was they will need to replace the device. But I had to send the defective device back first. Did that, and received new device. Guess what? Same issue. Now it has been 3 weeks trying to get a device I can actually sync with my computer for map updates. Just so you know, the maps the device is loaded with are at least 5 years out of date. I know as it does not recognize the street my son lives on and that street was built and homes/apartments built on over 5 years ago.

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