My brother drank a Gatorade after running, gulped half of it down before he realized it tasted very bad and smelled bad (because he was dehydrated from his run). Opened a different gatorade bottle, which tasted normal to confirm that the first one was bad, the second gatorade tasted normal. A small time later, started vomiting, and then started feeling drunk without ingestion of any alcohol, so he called an ambulance for himself. Turns out, is ethylene glycol poisoning, most likely from the ingested bad gatorade since nothing else he's did that day was out of the ordinary.

Due to the ethylene glycol poisoning, he (a young healthy 29 year old) had to go on dialysis for a month (caused crystals to form in kidneys). Luckily his kidney function and stats have improved, and he should be able to come off dialysis. Though we can't say this is 100% due to the bad gatorade (since he like other threw the rest of the foul tasting stuff down the sink – normal response when a food product goes bad), I am curious if anyone else has has something similar happen, with suspicion of the cause being bad gatorade.

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