Don't buy any phone form Best Buy that is related to Geek Squad protection plan because it is a spam and waste of money every other month. When I bought my iPhone 6 from the store the associate personnel told me I only have to pay 7.99 every month and if anything happen to my phone the protection plan will cover everything and they will give me a new phone right away in the same day of my request. However, every time when I am trying to reach them nobody was trying to cooperate with me or helped me.

First I talk to the agent online and they give me some kind of link to complete the process which did not work out. Then I spoke with almost 14 different agents to fix the issue. However, all of them hung up on me. Three of them said their system is down temporarily and four of them said, "Go to the actual store and talk to the store personnel over there, " which I did in the next day. Unfortunately even the store main manager told me that there is nothing they can do to help me and he implied all device repairing and replacement process only handled online which conflict with what the first Best Buy personnel told me.

It's been two weeks now and no one is helping me! I requested their online refund and credit card issue department to refund my money or to fix my phone but the agent who was talking to me was so rude and disrespectful. Now I realized their protection plan is a joke. It's just a way of big companies sucking customers' money. Do not a phone or anything with this plan.

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