I bought a 40" flat screen Insignia TV from the Burbank, CA Best Buy Store on 4/22/12. Within 8 months it developed a loud audio buzz. At 10 months, I returned it and the Geek Squad at BB could not fix it. I am 64 years old and have owned tv's that lasted 15 years or more, so, I am thinking this is just an aberration. One bad TV. So, they gave me some credit and another Insignia TV on 3/18/13, costing me $109.88. Ok, That seems to work out. Now the replacement TV has failed, it will not turn on, absolutely dead and I'm told it needs a $300 circuit board.

Today, 11/17/15, I spoke with a manager at the store in Burbank named Weiss (spelling not sure of). He offered absolutely no help, no discount on a new TV, no in store credit for part of the cost, no repair, nothing. Today BB wants you to spend up to hundreds of dollars on "warranties". You only force this on customers when you know the merchandise you are selling is going to fail very soon. Now, I'm holding Best Buy accountable for selling a brand of TV they know has consistent problems. Of not honoring a sales commitment to me that the Insignia was a good tv and would last many years. I would never have purchased it otherwise. I have receipts for the purchase and a dead TV. Please help me solve this issue with Best Buy.

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