I bought a set of Sennheiser earphones for my partner, and one day, while he was trying to take it out of his iPad, the jack snapped and was stuck the earphone port. I tried calling Geek Squad to claim my warranty on the item, and they basically kept trying to push us back to Sennheiser. When I insisted on them fixing it, since they claim that they will fix or do an exchange for faulty items. The customer service lady was rude and indifferent, refusing to listen and implied that we had used excessive force to damage the item. We were told they were meant to send packaging and return postage.

However, that is not the case. The CS lady told me to go download it off my email and print the label myself. (We don't have a printer and we have to purchase our own packaging). She stated to me that once we sent in the item, they will inspect it for damage and if found to be so, will not send us a gift card to exchange the item and the warranty would then be considered null and void. I explained that because the jack was fully stuck in the earphone port, we had to try and ply it out, otherwise we would not be able to use the iPad with another earphone at all. Thus the jack would look to have damage done to it. She said she would go check with her supervisor, only to return and repeat that they will check it, if damage is found they won't replace the item. She tells me to hold the line to leave a review, and the line cuts off.

Make it short. Keep it simple. Best Buy tells you it's an easy switch. No hassle. It's a lie. Geek Squad tells you on their brochure that they will fix it or replace it, Guaranteed. It's a lie. They will try and use all excuses as to why they won't replace your faulty item. It's a sham. Don't buy the extra warranty. I'm sorely disappointed in Best Buy for trying to sell that service of Geek Squad. From all the other reviews, it is obvious that this service is extremely dissatisfactory. Yet, they persist in using this service.

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