Last year I got appliances from Best Buy; we got fridge, range, dishwasher, stove. Everything was delivered on December, 27th so we were very excited as we started new year with brand new stuff. Later, we noticed that my dishwasher was leaking not every day but sometimes so I just assumes that it was spilled water by kids or something else. When it become happened more regularly I called best buy as I still have my manufacture warranty. I was sent to Samsung company as it's my dishwasher's brand and Samsung technician pointed on wrong installation. I have to call back to Best Buy and Best Buy sent me to the company who installed it. Well, the technician EXPIO came and he reinstalled it; then he pointed on other problem which is damaging dishwasher frame.

So as my kitchen cabinet configuration is wider on front and couple inches narrower on a back the dishwasher did not fit in that cabby hole so the installers just pushed harder and bent my brand new dishwasher frame. I got a claim from Expio technician where it was written that there is no leakage damage and dishwasher was damaged. EXPIO JUST CLOSED my claim as there is no property damage! Well, I had to call again and keep telling the same story which is known as soon as you open my file with order and claim. I called 3 times and last time the agent Jeremiah told me that best buy WILL NOT GIVE ME DISHWASHER FOR FREE.

Well, I don't want anything for free, I just want my brand new dishwasher back and money which I basically (more than 150$) paid for installation back. It's horrible service and I definitely will look for a different stores in future where customers are treated the way how they supposed to treat. If anyone will sue BEST BUY for horrible service / bad customer service / installation / damaging appliances, then count on me.

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