Absolutely the worse customer service I have experienced. My family has been without a working GE Profile Refrigerator (that is still under warranty) for 5 weeks! Yes, 5 weeks. No accountability to make this a priority even thought each time they come, it is considered an "emergency." When my husband made arrangements with a so called Customer Service Manger to have the third repair guy at our home at 4:00PM, yes because after three visits that were on GE's schedule, and our frig is still not fixed, but husband demanded this be convenient for our family. You guessed it, GE arrived at our home at 2:01PM! My husband and I will do everything within our means to make sure that not only swift action is being taken against GE, but we will get a brand new frig out of this! In addition, we have logged a formal complaint with the BBB against GE. Here we are 5 days before Thanksgiving 2015 and I do not have anyway to store food for the holiday. This is BUYER BE AWARE if you need to get a warranty item fixed on any of your GE appliances, GE will do nothing to assist you and be prepared for your repair to take 30 days if they attempt to try to! Unsatisfactory customer service all the way around! Yes, I want someone from GE to contact me and I will provide you a time line of everything that has taken place from the day the first service call was placed to current. So many details not documented here, but this will allow a consumer to see the poor level of service your company has provided! I hope the Executive Board at GE has a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, because my family will not because of them!

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