Purchased my GE appliance in march: a dryer it was the worst decision ever. I have never had this much trouble with a GE appliance. I understand that sometimes things can go wrong but when you have a warranty that business or brand should stand by their product an d try to do what's right for the customer. Since March I have a service visits lack of professionalism by some who have not documented visits properly managers who decide that my issue is so insignificant that they must put off providing a solution due to an Influx of calls into their call center and talking to me or resolving my problem would unfortunately mess up their call time. This is ridiculous. I am flabbergasted. This is truly not the GE product quality or representative of the level of service that I have experienced in the past. I would hope GE would want better for their brand and those representing their brand. If I tool a Gallup survey right now they would get zeros. I am extremely disappointed in the brand and service right now.

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