Van vreedes in Oshkosh sold us a washer and dryer washer no xgtwn4250dws the washer only gets 7-8 inches of water in it that is not enough to clean farm clothes and blankets or rugs they told us that this model would fill up with lots more water the salesman even said he had to go to school for this but the manager now is trying to get out of taking these back and making it right by lying and saying he told us which I would have never bought it if he would of told me that you cant wash blankets or rugs or even jeans in 6-7 inches of water my husband worked for alliance laundray systems for over 12 years and made washers and dryers and he knows all about them why are the doing this to us we want one that fills up with water. Can you help us or do we have to call the BBB AND ACTION 4 NEWS CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY? PLEASE CALL ME roger at

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