Cruise control not working 81k. Door handles falling off, trim pieces on sides of doors coming off. 60 thousand dollars and it is falling apart. Was thinking on getting 2015. Not going to after reading reviews. Many people has had cruise control issues on this year car. However no recall so far, and very expensive to fix. Door handles for labor and part 400.00ish for each door. I used JB weld cost 2.99. Chrome paint came off inside door handle. It is so sharp. It will cut you like a knife. 150.00 to re glue trim piece on doors. This car kept in garage and well cared for. It is just a pile of junk. Oh yes and there is the paint falling off front bumper. Don't think it had a clear coat. Chrome, Ha! What chrome, just painted plastic. It chips off, what a joke. Keys have never worked very good, hard to lock and unlock. They want 400.00 to remake keys. Save your money. Don't buy GMC Denali.

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