I bought my 2010 Acadia in 2013 when I found out I was having our third child. It has 34000 miles and I bought the GM 100000 extended warranty. I did not get the walk through bucket seats because I went for price. I got a great deal on a base model (1st worst decision). The seating is horrible and third row is basically impossible to get to when other kids are in the second row in car seats and boosters. And LOTS of crud and junk gets stuck in the seat sliders on the floor board.

Anyways, my problems started with the steering rack. As someone stated above, a swooshing noise with turning the wheel. Luckily my warranty covered it after I went back to the dealer a few times. But the noise is still there! Now, a noise in the front end started early in the mornings as small accelerations such as in traffic. Dealer says we can check out or wait for it to escalate. Well in the last week it has escalated to the point I feel it's unsafe to drive. It is going in the shop tomorrow!

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